COVID Health Monitoring




This is a package of Testing, Treatment & Guidance to those suffering from COVID or one of the many pathogens known to cause false positives on the RT-PCR test.

Firstly we carry out a confirmation test using two sensitive test systems. These are designed to identify and confirm the existence of COVID-19 or one of many other pathogens that are common with a COVID-19 infection.

We carry out daily remote health scans focussing on your respiratory tracts and lungs which are affected by COVID. This confirms that pathogens are being managed through treatment.

We monitor for bacterial and viral infections that are common with COVID-19 Infections.

We can remotely run diagnostics testing on your DNA and then advise you on the options available. We ask you to send a DNA sample by courier post (1-2 days is typical).

We stay up to date on the most effective natural products that you can take to prevent complications and long term damage from this infection and other pathogens that surface.

With careful monitoring, we believe you stand a far higher chance of having no long term issues from this mutated common cold virus.

This service is offered for one week, which is long enough to stabilise clients. Additional weeks can be purchased at £250 per week.


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